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Welcome to the Confidist Community is a central hub for meaningful 1:1 conversation on the web. The driving motivation is to help users become more informed and appreciative of the entire breadth of human experience. This platform is comprised of multiple communities with their own rules, settings, and volunteers. Feel free to create a topic about anything that is on your mind. Enter each conversation with the expectation to listen and strive for understanding and empathy.  Happy Confiding!

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Do any of y’all play basketball

Any hoopers

I am just looking for a Friend to talk to and maybe RP with

How has the current political climate shaped your family relationships? What is your best tip for civility? -Nicholas

What is your personal recommendation for slowing climate change?

What if the recent success of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are telling us something about how the human mind works? Right now in schools its seems to me that there is much more focus on training the "discriminator" with our current testing methods. What if we focused on training our inner "generator" by having much more open ended design assignments for STEM fields? What would those assignments look like?

With improvments in technology and efficiency, I feel as though the burden for obtaining a livable wage is increasing every generation. How much of this is due to the increasing amount of stuff that we now think is needed to sustain ourselves? Why can't we use more techical know-how to live in a more self sufficient way?

What modern scientific breakthrough, in your opinion, hasn't gotten the attention it deserves? I would love to hear about it.