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The Confidist Life Journey Event: Life, School, Work

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What are we doing, and how did we get there?

Life often takes us on a mysterious and winding path. Whether you are a student selecting a major or considering a change, navigating through an unusual career trajectory, or just hoping to make ends meet the next day, we could all use an inspiring real life story to keep us going. Let's take the time to share our personal stories to gain an appreciation of just how unique life can be and the places we've been. 

Starting with this event, all badges will be awarded for *any* participation not the event completion.

See you when the event starts October 1st & Happy Confiding ~Nicholas
Community Event Topic Suggestions

Would love to hear from someone who has had a non-traditional career path.


Willing to share my school and job experiences.


When have you had a major shift in your life trajectory? Would love to listen.


Looking for advice for selecting a major in college/university.


Who ended up using their degree from school? Was it what you expected?


For someone who has "followed" their passion instead of being pragmatic, how has it worked out? Any advice?


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