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What are conversations like on Confidist?

Conversations on Confidist start by first showing both participants what they have in common, as well as the opposite members community bio introduction. Next a participating member will enter a room with the topic for discussion shown at the top. A system message will briefly explain that each participant is in a live private one-on-one conversation. It also suggests saying a friendly hello to get the conversation started. From that point the magic of a meaningful conversation is up to the participants. Meaning is subjective, so I encourage everyone to be themselves, and seek to best understand each other. If either participants runs out of messages, or by selecting the corresponding menu option, the conversation will eventually come to an end. At the end of the conversation, both participants will be asked to rate their conversation. Finally, the host of the conversation will have the opportunity to seek another participant for the same topic.

For a better idea of what a conversation looks like on Confidist, select one of the Conversation Capsules available on the home page.