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How do I make my topic meaningful?

Meaning is subjective, but I have a few tips to help increase the chances someone will join and want to engage with your topic.

Try to include a concrete prompt or question. If a topic is simply an observation or thought, it might not inspire another person to interact with the substance. 

Consider flavoring your prompt with some of your initial thoughts. If you add a little bit about your perspective, that might confirm to another person that they have a worthwhile contribution.

Personalize your topic. Even if you are taking one of the topic suggestions, try to “de-generalize” it by adding your own experience and thoughts. 

Would you appreciate a certain background or attribute to join your topic? Let people know who you are hoping will join your topic. With that in mind, if someone thinks they can contribute who does not fall into the category you were hoping for, give them a chance with an open mind.

Besides those tips, be patient about how long it will take for someone to join your topic and create more than one if you so desire. Feel free to contact us if you need any feedback on the quality of your topic.