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How do I particulate in a community event?

Community events or spotlight events are organized online and sponsored by one of the Confidist communities. You see upcoming events on the home page and will be notified in advance by email with an announcement in our newsletter and when the event starts. You can participate by looking at the event goals and following their direction. Most of the time all you need to do to participate is join or host a topic related to the event. Topics related to the event will have a green “Event” tag on their listing. Hosting a topic for an event will also look a bit different. The text box should be embedded inside a green bordered event description in the header. If you are not able to find where the event is hosted, try going to the (Home) community from the dropdown menu. The home page should list all events happening across Confidist, and also list all the event topics within the main listing. If you have any questions about events or how to participate, please contact us.