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How can I help Confidist grow?

Confidist is currently seeking more community leaders including active participants, community administrators, and community moderators. The most vital measure for the success of Confidist, is the feeling a member encounters after having a meaningful conversation. We hope that each member is able to be satisfied with finding and fulfilling that experience. In order for members to gain that experience, we hope to encourage existing members to actively engage with new members. You can do so by inviting new members to your personal orbit after visiting their profile, or by hosting more topics that are welcoming and interesting to new members, or by joining new topics where you can earnestly participate. Confidist would also like to implore you to invite someone you know to register. Preferably, invite someone that you think would appreciate meaningful conversation and that also has a different background from your own. Lastly, feel free to make a suggestion to help Confidist grow by contacting us or creating a topic in the Meta community. Thanks so much for being a part of this project.