Welcome to the Confidist Community

Confidist.com is a central hub for meaningful 1:1 conversation on the web. The driving motivation is to help users become more informed and appreciative of the entire breadth of human experience. This platform is comprised of multiple communities with their own rules, settings, and volunteers. Feel free to create a topic about anything that is on your mind. Enter each conversation with the expectation to listen and strive for understanding and empathy.  Happy Confiding!

If you have any questions about the community please use the options below and a volunteer at Confidist will do their best to assist.

Confidist Community Rules

Don't be mean

Any behavior which is considered offensive, abusive, rude, malicious or unreasonable should be reported. Hate speech of any kind towards anyone is not acceptable.

No spreading hate

We will remove any content that promotes discrimination against people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental health. We will also remove content that encourages or promotes self-destructive behaviors, self-harm, or suicide.

Trolling is not permitted

We all like a joke from time to time but it's not fun at someone else's expense.

Respect people's wishes

If a conversation brings up a topic they do not wish to talk about, please stop talking about it. This includes but is not limited to politics, religious topics and 'trigger' content.

Do not share personal details

Such as phone number, address or social media usernames under any circumstances. Other usernames may be shared for services such as steam or reddit, but please be aware we cannot externally moderate outside conversations.

Do not post photographs

Of your self or other people. To help keep anonymity, we ask nobody posts photographs of anyone as a main subject.

Do not give medical advice

Under any circumstances, all medical advice should come from the physician of the person seeking advice. Even if you are a medical professional, we cannot allow you to give medical based advice.

This is not a dating app

It should not be used to pursue romantic relationships.

No spam

We do not mind what you post, as long as it adheres to the rules, you keep discussion to the topic, and it is not spam. Spam is defined as frequent and repetitive posts.

No Ads

Do not use a topic to promote any product or service. Topics should only be prompts for meaningful conversations.