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Seashell collecting Calligraphy Geocaching Beach living 55-64 Ambivert Male Non-Binary Rock balancing Tea bag collecting Tennis Reading Female Acting Urdu Agender Fusilately (phonecard collecting) Secondary School (High School) Unsure PhD
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This community is for book worms, knowledge enthusiasts, and people who know the smell of a library. From oral traditions and ancient scribes to the printing press, the ability to publish and share information in books has brought joy and opportunity to the masses. Everyone is welcome to join, ask for recommendations, and participate in topics related to ink on paper.

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A place for questions and conversations related to beauty, fashion, and industry. All levels of experience are welcome. Come join!

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A place to discuss and celebrate cultural differences. Topics may involve religion, tradition, customs, or values. What about your culture has influenced you the most? What can we learn from each other? Come join!

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A place for questions and discussion related to Confidist. Have a suggestion or question about Confidist? All are welcome to participate. Come join!

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A place for conversation around spirituality, religion, and life philosophies. All faiths and belief systems are welcome including atheism and agnosticism. Anyone is welcome to join.

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Need help with a relationship? This is a community for romantic or interpersonal relationship advice, guidance, and related topics. Pursuing a romantic relationship on Confidist is not permitted, but all other topics are welcome.

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A place for sharing and having a conversation around music. Come join!

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A corner of Confidist for long form conversation.


heyyyy :3 my name is ash. i love anime, music, art, and i am a gayromantic guy. if u want to talk about music then im open

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