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Metal detecting College / University Spiritual Libertarian The Gulf Coast Rock Southeast Asian Trainspotting Single Unsure Phillumeny (match-related items collecting) Japanese News Perceiving Aries Southeast Asian Luxury Goods Reggae Tennis Rappelling
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A place for giving and receiving advice through conversation. Any subject is welcome. Come join!


I’m a kind old soul and I need to practice listening and reflecting and am here to be helpful and demonstrate kindness and inject some humor when possible and appropriate.

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A place for questions and discussion related to Confidist. Have a suggestion or question about Confidist? All are welcome to participate. Come join!


I’m a QA Testing specialist for web, mobile, API and UX/UI.

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Need help with a relationship? This is a community for romantic or interpersonal relationship advice, guidance, and related topics. Pursuing a romantic relationship on Confidist is not permitted, but all other topics are welcome.


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