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Letterboxing Inexperienced with relationships Wrestling Gemini Cartophily (card collecting) Religious Non-Binary Europe Whale watching 45-54 Charity / Causes 13-17 Scrapbooking Hokkien Leo Sea glass collecting Aircraft spotting Atheist Candle making Luxury Goods
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A place for conversation around ongoing and past television shows. Come join!

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A place for questions and conversations related to philosophy. All levels of education and experience are welcome. Come join!

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This community is for book worms, knowledge enthusiasts, and people who know the smell of a library. From oral traditions and ancient scribes to the printing press, the ability to publish and share information in books has brought joy and opportunity to the masses. Everyone is welcome to join, ask for recommendations, and participate in topics related to ink on paper.

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A place for conversation around video games of all genres. Come join!

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Movies are the evolution of storytelling. From the basic black-and-white and soundless moving pictures to the most immersive multi-dimensional technologies we use today, stories aim to teleport the observer into the mind of the director. This undeniably captivating medium creates a shared experience that can influence culture, boost morale, and overcome adversities. Everyone is welcome to join for a discussion of movie favorites, technical aspects of film making, and anticipation of what is to come.

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