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Anime Vacation Embroidery 55-64 Society Sand art Microscopy Impartial Cheerleading Attracted to Women Virgo Figure skating Latino or Hispanic Married Water sports Insect collecting 45-54 Skateboarding Shortwave listening Capricorn

My name is Foggie and I am here to have meaningful conversations.

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Health & Fitness

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A place to have meaningful conversations relating to health, fitness, and self improvement. Come join!


Introduce me tooo........

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This community is for telling tales of adventure, mystery, and suspense. These tales may sometimes stretch the truth but carry with them a serious life lesson. Telling stories around a campfire is a tradition as old as humanity itself. What modern epic do you have to tell? All are welcome and encouraged to join around the fire.

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A place for questions and discussion related to Confidist. Have a suggestion or question about Confidist? All are welcome to participate. Come join!


Here for casual and fuss-free conversations, just like everybody else...


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Movies are the evolution of storytelling. From the basic black-and-white and soundless moving pictures to the most immersive multi-dimensional technologies we use today, stories aim to teleport the observer into the mind of the director. This undeniably captivating medium creates a shared experience that can influence culture, boost morale, and overcome adversities. Everyone is welcome to join for a discussion of movie favorites, technical aspects of film making, and anticipation of what is to come.


I am that I am.


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This community is for book worms, knowledge enthusiasts, and people who know the smell of a library. From oral traditions and ancient scribes to the printing press, the ability to publish and share information in books has brought joy and opportunity to the masses. Everyone is welcome to join, ask for recommendations, and participate in topics related to ink on paper.


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A corner of Confidist for long form conversation.


My name is Foggie and I am willing to talk and listen concerning any topic under the sun although it is spirituality that attracts me the most!


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Feeling low, alone, tired of it all, or simply bored? Whatever the cause, you can come and find someone to talk to. You can also offer your time to talk to someone else. We help people find support by matching people looking for help with people who are here to help. So, whether you are looking for support or willing to support others, pop-in and be a part of a community that cares.


Searching for meaningful conversations with you who matter.


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A place for questions and conversations related to philosophy. All levels of education and experience are welcome. Come join!


Seeking meaningful conversations in this age of minuscule attention spans!


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A place for respectful political discussion and conversation. If you would like a friendly discussion with someone with another point of view or want to collaborate on solving a difficult political issue this is the place for you. Please be open minded and respectful. All political origins and styles are welcome.


My name is Foggie and I am here to have meaningful conversations.


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A place for giving and receiving advice through conversation. Any subject is welcome. Come join!


My name is Foggie and I am here to help and accept help.


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The Confidist Community


My name is Foggie and I am here to have meaningful conversations.

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