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A place for scientific conversation. All levels of education and experience welcome. Come join!


I wil be watching the mars landing. My kids watch a science you tuber named Mark Roper who worked for JPL and designed a componet that is on mars now

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This community is for book worms, knowledge enthusiasts, and people who know the smell of a library. From oral traditions and ancient scribes to the printing press, the ability to publish and share information in books has brought joy and opportunity to the masses. Everyone is welcome to join, ask for recommendations, and participate in topics related to ink on paper.


I read a bunch of books this year. Pre covid it was AlphaGirls and Brotopia and Elderhood, after covid, I read most iofthe Outlander books by Diana Galbaldon. also Clanlands written by some actors in outlander. Now i'm reading GET FUNDED by john biggs and eric villines and Code niame helene by Ar iel Lawhon

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This community is for discussing technology trends, innovations, news and more.


I think the best tech advancement is Google calendar with notifications. I also think self driving cars are pretty cool too.

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