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Meditation Rural Libertarian Right of Center Fashion Post-Doctorate Spiritual Middle Eastern or Arab Benevolence Rail transport modelling Graduate Degree Inexperienced with relationships College / University Photography Southeast Asian Learning Pisces Nordic skating Libra Figure skating
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Health & Fitness

60 members

A place to have meaningful conversations relating to health, fitness, and self improvement. Come join!

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78 members

A place for conversation around video games of all genres. Come join!

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159 members

A place for questions and conversations related to philosophy. All levels of education and experience are welcome. Come join!

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77 members

A place for respectful political discussion and conversation. If you would like a friendly discussion with someone with another point of view or want to collaborate on solving a difficult political issue this is the place for you. Please be open minded and respectful. All political origins and styles are welcome.

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Social Anxiety Defeated

92 members

This is a community for people who experience social anxiety to get private 1 on 1 help from members who managed to overcome SA. Members who have defeated their social anxiety can share their stories and offer help.

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